Kanwal Malik is a Fashion Power House established in 2018. It earned early success  because of its Lavish Silhouettes, Intricately Detailed & Rich Luxurious Evening and Bridal Wear. Our design philosophy is very unique & different. Alluring color contrasts, blushing powdery pallets & contemporary unwonted cuts come together to create unique pieces, where each esemble is so lovely. It can hold on its own.

We painsake attention to details & ceaseless pursuit of silhouettes that flatter the female form. The cuts of the pieces are made with the attention to highlight the natural shape of the women wearing them & the ornaments including inserts of embroidery, sheer panel & hand establishments, carefully crafted to achieve a strong silhouette.

Our collections seek inspiration from various trends & to these omnipresence reminiscences we add contemporary elements like innovation, cuts & materials.

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